Game enclosure Allgäu

Oskar’s pet zoo

An own game enclosure in the Allgäu – in 2015, this long desired wish finally became reality, thanks to some friendly hunters and many committed donors. Our own enclosure with red deer can thus now be found right next to the hotel. By the way, deer Oskar is always keen on extensive stroking rounds. Red deer can easily be identified thanks to its large antlers that are, however, only worn by male animals and regenerate anew every year. Between February and April, old antlers are thrown off and new ones form briefly thereafter. After approximately 140 days, these antlers have eventually reached maturity.

Then, the ones covered by a silk-like skin during the growth period are removed from this so-called phloem by rubbing against trunks. Merely 5 minutes from the hotel on foot, you will also find Scottish highland cattle, a race that is also referred to as Highland or Kyloe cattle. It is the oldest registered cattle race and has been known since 1884. All the hiking trails around the hotel additionally offer encounters with the Allgäu’s brown cattle. On some alpine pastures, you can even witness how mountain cheese is being produced. Tame hares for stroking are found at our Fuchsalm – a family vacation in the Allgäu has lots of fun to offer!