HF Bioenergetics

HF Bioenergetics stands for gentle, professional applications in line with Hartmut Fraas’ methodology. For over 19 years, this highly energetic treatment method has returned considerable results and successes on a holistic basis. This special massage technique is applied in the areas of sports, medicine, therapy and pedagogics, but also in the wellness sector.

“The special treatment forms of Biorevital therapy such as the HF BioMassages have immediate impact on cell tension, cell structure and cell energy, thus restoring the interaction of individual cells. The body’s self-healing powers are activated, the entire immune system is boosted; individual mental and physical well-being is increased. The holistic effect of these bio-energetic methods is perceptible on a physical, mental and spiritual level at the same time and thereby unfolds particularly intensive powers. An individual treatment will inspire you!” Hartmut Fraas, Head of the HF-Bioenergetik® Institute Munich

Our trained massage staff will treat you individually, holistically and purposefully during your stay, here with us in the Allgäu – whether the focus is therapeutic, preventive or on recreation and relaxation.