Our Spa & Wellness hotel in Balderschwang offers beauty programmes that let your individual beauty shine anew. Enjoy being fully pampered by our beauticians or in our Hair Spa.

You can select among the following treatments:


Healthy, fresh appearance! Medicinal herb substances of special purity and intensity provide care and smoothen your skin. The gentle peeling is an ideal preparation for the soothing and intensives face, neck and cleavage massage. The bioactive regeneration mask ensures optimum results. Experience and enjoy the “moistening“ effects of nature!


Balancing and regenerating treatment for impure skin. In-depth cleansing is one of the treatment’s prime objectives. Herbal substances provide protective care and intensively cleanse and refine the skin. You will feel great in your own skin again!


Pure nature providing rejuvenating power! Experience intensive regeneration. Herbal, rejuvenating and regeneration-promoting plants supply valuable, highly effective antioxidants. They fill the skin’s underlying moisture depots, smoothen facial lines and little wrinkles and strengthen the connective tissue. Collagen and elastin formation is stimulated resulting in immediately visible effects.


The substance-rich interaction of exclusive oils from local plants, mineral-rich healing clay and special fresh Aloe Vera plants activate lymphatic circulation, strengthen the connective tissue and improve the skin’s elasticity and stress-resistance. Your facial contours solidify and are toned. Vein visibility is decreased. Your skin is smoothened and softened.


Fresh looks and new energy! Active, moistening and revitalising treatment of face and neck. A soothing shoulder-arm massage solves tensions. Now you feel full vitality!


Black rosehip seeds from the Himalayans contain a unique blend of precious active substances. Calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc and lecithin, essential amino acids and complex vitamins provide new impulses for genuine skin regeneration. Lines and small wrinkles are clearly reduced. Toned, smooth and rejuvenated skin lets you shine again. Feel alive and attractive – beautiful and well tended.


The relaxing treatment for skin and soul releases signs of stress and strains, strengthens your nerves and provides new energy. At the same time, it stimulates cell renewal. Rashes and troubled skin is balanced. The skin receives new tension and luminosity. A feeling of in-depth relaxation.



Eye treatment “Strahlende Augenblicke” (for HER and HIM)

30 MINUTES € 39.00

Revitalising and soothing eye massage, toning substances reduce wrinkles – a flash programme for shining, beautiful eyes.


Men’s treatment

45 MINUTES € 66.00

The treatment that is particularly tailored to the needs of male skin ensures visibly smoothened skin and boosts freshness. Signs of tiredness and stress disappear. A soothing facial massage ensures that the treatment’s deeply relaxing effect unfolds.


Letting go

30 MINUTES € 48.00

Anti-aging treatment with intensive face lifting massage (for her and him)

This gentle and at the same time highly effective treatment unfolds caring effects, stimulates cell regeneration and guarantees fine, shining skin. Thanks to its unbelievable lifting effect that already shows after the first application, it is highly popular and ideal in combination with the full body massage.


Facial treatment “Klassik“

60 MINUTES € 86.00

Soothing facial treatment for every skin type. Careful cleansing and gentle peeling prepare your skin for the harmonising massage. The bioactive regeneration mask for the face, neck and cleavage areas provides intensive care and ensures beautifully smooth and fresh skin.



Smooth hands

A soothing treatment including hand peeling, as well as a nail skin and nail care is completed by a soothing hand massage (50 min.)
€ 59.00

Nail care – including varnish

As additional service in the context of the manicure including nail varnish (10 min.)
€ 15.00

In the context of a facial or a Hair SPA treatment

Colouring eyelashes € 14.00

Colouring eyebrows € 12.00

Eyebrow shaping € 6.00

Eyelash and eyebrow colouring and shaping € 29.00

Day or night-make-up € 19.00


Child beauty

Wellness for our little guests between 8 and 14 years of age

Kids beauty
Facial massage with gentle care products
ca. 20 Min. | € 23.00

Kids deluxe massage
Gentle massage with an aroma therapy oil of your choice
ca. 25 Min. | € 28.00