Enjoy your wellness vacation in the Allgäu free of stress and hectic. Leave the requirements of everyday life behind. Find time and space for the substantial – i.e. for yourself: Take a deep breath, feel inner and outer liberty and hereby centre body and life rhythm, redevelop resilience.

Face massage – Relax

30 MINUTES € 46.00

Pure recreation for your skin, mimic and thoughts! The face massage has a solving effect on the entire head neck musculature, revitalises your skin and provides in-depth relaxation, especially when displaying symptoms like headache, stress and exhaustion. You will shine again!


BALANCE full body massage

40 MINUTES € 76.00

Balance your body. This full body massage activates your immune system, strengthens your defence mechanisms and your mental balance. With such great energy comes farsightedness, perspective and insight!


Deceleration massage

50 MINUTES € 89.00

Resting in ourselves – a feeling we too often lack today. The deceleration massage supports you in reaching this very goal and state of mind. It can compensate nervousness and insomnia, mental exhaustion, be used for stress management and to counter menopause issues, burnout symptoms, etc.


Relaxing, stress-reducing “BALANCE” HF massage

40 MINUTES € 76.00

Our heart is window to our soul and our life engine and that makes life possible in the first place. Thanks to this special massage technique and treatment we can influence, calm, revitalise and individually strengthen the entire cardiovascular and pulmonary system. Enjoy burnout prevention and stress reduction using your heart’s intelligence.


Hypnosis therapy – in-depth relaxation HF massage

80 MINUTES € 120.00

When reaching a state of deep relaxation your subconsciousness can be realigned. This means that old thinking patterns or negative experiences, behaviour, emotions and physical issues that are broken by the massage, are turned into positive energy and strength.


30 MINUTES € 20.00

on our thermal wellness sand lounger with warm stones.


Pantai Luar

€ 100,-

In preparation for this hot oil fruit pouch massage, you will enjoy a soothing anointing of the whole body with fine oils. According to old customs, the freshly prepared herbal pouches are then applied. This massage allows you to experience a feeling of fully detached relaxation and regeneration.


Rock crystal sound bowl therapy


The crystal sound bowls applied here are made from melted quartz crystal (rock crystal). With their powerful, spherical and lasting sound volume, they fill a large area with their oscillating and unique energy. Crystal sound bowls open a new, fascinating world of sound, oscillation and energy.

Your body slowly transitions into an absolute state of peace. This release is the necessary basis to newly stimulate and stabilise your self-healing energy.